Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Son of Son of Blog Rises from the Grave, Part VI

Well, not really. But this isn't my first blog by a long shot. I've had more than a few over the years; mostly written under a pseudonym, hosted in various places under various names.

I believe my last blog post anywhere was over a year ago. Memory fails me, and the blogs themselves are no longer online. In addition to a severe lack of time due to the demands of my job, the well had started to run dry and my blogging voice had severe laryngitis.

For some stupid reason, the act of writing began to feel like a regular job and just wasn't fun anymore. Social media was also a major distraction. Why write when I could spend the evening looking at hilarious cat memes, being amused by the trolls or reading about how much of a louse my former co-worker's ex-husband was?

No doubt my six or so followers were distressed when I fell silent. Sorry, guys, hopefully you'll find me again and stop by once in a while. This go-round, rather than build a Wordpress site on my own server I'm taking the Google route - Google loves people who use Blogger and rewards them with better search indexing and a tie-in to the Google+ platform as a whole.

Previously I attempted to tackle a wide range of topics; perhaps this is why burnout occurred. On Zig Writes I'll confine myself to just a few subjects that interest me - mostly politics, religion, social issues and of course, technology.

Most social media I do these days is job-related... on the personal side I do post to Facebook once or twice every few days, and I've become a big fan of Reddit for news and amusement. But you can call me old-fashioned because I miss the days when blogs and online discussion forums were the place to be.

These two platforms, the bedrock of modern social media, are still around, and seem to be doing fine. Blogs and forums foster long-term, freewheeling conversations that simply don't have a place on fast-paced social media sites. They have their share of Internet trolls, too, but overall you can't beat them for interesting, informative discussions on the topics of the day that often end up going on for months and months.

Heck, I might even start up another discussion forum... I ran two some years ago that were very popular, with thousands of users. As with blogging, however, it grew burdensome. But now, maybe it's time to revisit that platform as well.

How often will a new post pop up here? When I feel like writing, it's that simple. No pressure, no need to just throw something up here because it's been X number of days since the last one and oh, shit, I need to blog about something!

Hopefully you'll read my stuff once in a while and learn something, get pissed off at me, or just have a good chuckle. Thanks for visiting.

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